In the basement of Brian's home in Frankfort in November of 1993, FUNTRAK's first module was born. This corner has survived the years and is still used in FUNTRAK's shows today. The first public appearance of this module was at Syracuse in November 1993 as the second picture shows.

First Module First Module

FUNTRAK's original setup in Clayt's garage over the weekend of May 21-22, 1994. A humble beginning with some plywood forests, but we all started somewhere. All of these modules are still in use today except for Agway. Jimmy had that module at home to refurbish and update it when he passed away and it was never available again.

First Setup First Setup First Setup First Setup

This show was on July 23-24, 1994 at Mohawk Valley Community College in one of the conference rooms. This is why the posts are in the picture. The layout was "wrapped" around the support posts. It wasn't a very large layout at this point, just 10 x 22, and not completely scenicked. However, it did run well and the public was pleased. Strangely enough, it was also one of the best attended shows we had with nearly 300 visitors! Go figure. Subsequent years saw the layout expand with more modules and new members. Other scales were added to the club roster as new interests and layouts were added. All the original club members are in the one photo including Jim Williams, Gerry Vallese, Clayt Farrall, and me. Also in the picture is Paul Migliaccio and my son, Jeffrey. All in all, not bad for beginnings.

First Show First Show First Show

FUNTRAK began its community involvement in March 1995 when FUNTRAK provided a complete N-Trak layout display to support the annual Eastwood American Legion Train Show in Syracuse. Club members continued this support over the years until the club van was retired.

Eastwood American Legion Train Show Eastwood American Legion Train Show